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  • Fuel Pressure Gauge Adapter Snubber for Cummins® trucks allows you a faster installation of a fuel pressure guage.
  • It is plated with a high quality anit-rust coating that will make it last for many years! You get the snubber, banjo seal washers and detailed instructions.
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  • You get more accurate readings as it dampens pressure spikes. You won't need expensive adapters as it installs right onto your Bosch® P7100
  • This snubber tool works on 1994 thru 1998 Cummins trucks eliminates guage need bounce and can be used on any fuel system that has a 14mm by 1.5 thread.

14MM X 1.5 Pressure Guage Adapter Snubber - Cummins 12 Valve and Imports - CBS010

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Now, it's easier than ever to install a fuel pressure gauge on your Cummins®12 valve diesel! If you want to install a fuel pressure gauge on a 94 to 98 Cummins®, you have to use a needle valve to dampen the pressure spikes from your fuel pump. NOT ANYMORE!




Here's the reason why you need a pressure snubber. The lift pump on your Cummins diesel is nothing more than a piston pump, similar to a pressure washer pump. During the pumping cycle, the pressure rises rapidly to 50 to 60 PSI. On the return stroke of the piston, the pressure drops to 10 to 15 PSI. This has been checked with accurate pressure gauges. The pumping cycles produces gauge needle bounce. In fact, your fuel pressure gauge will never smooth out, regardless of RPM. That's why you need a Tork Tek CBS010 gauge snubber.




We engineered the gauge snubber at the same time as the Tork Tek adjustable overflow valve. During the early days of developing the overflow valve, it became clear that our expensive test gauges would be destroyed without a way to dampen the violent pressure spikes of the Cummins® lift pump. The CBS010 eliminated the needle bounce and saved our test gauges.

Inside the snubber, and impossible to photograph, is a micro calibrated restrictor made specifically for the 94 to 98 Cummins® 12V diesel (3.9, 5.9 and 8.3). The restrictor dampens the pressure spikes from the Cummins lift pump, so your fuel pressure gauge will last! The hole size is a precise balance between gauge response and dampening effect. The restrictor tolerance is .0008. (8 ten thousands of an inch)




On one end of the CBS010 snubber is an 1/8" female pipe thread for fuel pressure testing or permanent gauge installations. Unlike other models of pressure snubbers, our fitting does not require expensive adapters! It will install directly on your Bosch® P7100. By installing the snubber directly on the inlet of your P pump, you will get the most accurate readings.

At Tork Teknology, we plate the snubber in a high quality rust resistant coating. We don't take short cuts that minimize quality! Plating is a more expensive process, but it's worth it. Your new gauge snubber will look great and remain rust free for many years.

Included with the snubber are detailed instructions and banjo seal washers. If you are going to install a fuel pressure gauge on your Bosch® P pump, do it right with a Tork Tek Cummins® Banjo Snubber. The CBS010 snubber will also work on any diesel or gas engine that has a 14MM x 1.5 thread.

Every product we make is covered by a 45 day return policy. You must be 100% satisfied or you get your money back. Order yours today and see how smooth your pressure gauge can be.

This is what our customers have to say about the gauge snubber:

JR from Wildcat Performance said this, "Watched the pressure gauge and it was as close to steady as I have seen!! ..... looks like your R&D paid off here".

Hard Tail John had this comment, "fantastic product!!!!!  A++ all the way!!!".


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  1. 5 Star Rating 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 11th 2016

    Works like it should! 

    Posted by Robert Jackson on 29th Oct 2012

    months and months ago, i bought both your 14mm gauge snubber and tork tek 060 OFV and wrote a review about it. It wasnt very detailed because of how excited and amazed i was by your product. And i just wanted to send a private email and let you the people of Tork Teknology know that i stand by & behind your products 100% After the install of the 060 OFV, the first thing i noticed on start up was how smooth it made my truck run. It never ran rough but it seriously made it run that much smoother. Also, the HP gain. To Be honest my pump is not benched and alls i have done is LOTS and LOTS of tuning and put in a set of CDS 5k GSK's. It made good power but again, after the install of the OFV my truck fueled harder and maintained costant fuel pressure from no throttle to WOT. Im really unsure of how much HP i actually gained but when driving the truck, its a dramatic change from before and after the OFV!! And lastly, when im driving the truck normal around town or on the highway, i have noticed and gained 5 MPG's! At some point in time, i will re-install my old ofv and collect hard data to provide and show legitimate proof of fuel milaeage gains, hp gains, fuel pressure gains & sustainability, and as well as longetivity. Im just really super happy with the product, and always recomend it to people looking for OFV's, and in that case any product from tork teknology. Again, thank you for putting your hard work and time into these quality A+++++ parts! 

    Super tecnical help and customer service. 

    Posted by LLoyd Snider on 9th Dec 2011

    Enjoyed our conversation 12-7-11 concerning my Deutz engine problem. Received my fuel pressure gauge via UPS yesterday afternoon. Very pleased with the quality of the product and the service. Would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again for your insight and help.

    Best Regards & Merry Christmas
    Lloyd Snider

    Works EXACTLY as described. 

    Posted by Bobby Jackson on 6th Dec 2011

    Sorry To bother, but i purchased an ofv060 and a 14mm gauge snubber from you guys last week, or the week before, and i cant thank you enough for such a great product. Really happy with both parts, and the overall performance with the ofv. As soon as you guys can get some stickers i would love to have one on my truck! hopefully soon i will be getting the 12v valve spring compressor from you guys, well thanks again for the great products and have a good one!

    Great Product 

    Posted by Donald Wade on 28th Feb 2011

    I would love to tell everyone who is interested in purchasing any of Tork Teks products that you will not be disappointed. I have purchased two different product for my '95 Dodge Cummins and I was amazed with the quality and function that Tork Tek product claim. Exceptional service and short delivery time. Outstanding technical help over phone with great respect! I highly respect Tork Teks products, service, advice, and parts. Great Company, Great Products. I will recommend to everyone.

    Couldn't be better! 

    Posted by kevin on 22nd Feb 2011

    Easy to install, fantastically detailed directions, does exactly what it says it does. And I really appreciate all the fuel system education Tork Tek provides! While you're ordering, consider an OFV and some spare banjo washers for your tool box...

    Awsome stuff 

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Feb 2011

    This is a great.Easy to install! Awsome stuff got Two of them along with the OFV..

    Good Serivce, Good quality 

    Posted by Nichol on 18th Feb 2011

    Purchased to check pressure on my 97 Dodge. I have only tried it on a temp setup with a mechanical gauge but will be coming back to Tork Tek to get an electrical gauge setup. Very pleased with serivce and prompt anwsers to questions I have

    #3 on My A-Pillar 

    Posted by torino73 on 17th Feb 2011

    Got a snubber, an Isspro gauge and an OFV. Tork Tek's a good contribution to the CTD crowd. I like ingenuity and quality of their stuff. The snubber is a good complement to the Isspro and eliminates the chance of disaster. Good price too!

    Great For Keeping Guage From Jumping 

    Posted by Mark Wood on 3rd Nov 2010

    I installed this on my '94 Cummins along with a Glow Shift fuel pressure gauge. Works great to protect the gauge from pulsation. If you have P pumped Cummins and want to install a fuel gauge this is a good snubbber to use.Great product.

    Great Gauge Protection 

    Posted by Noah Gilcrease on 27th Sep 2010

    I installed this on my '96 Cummins along with a Glow Shift 3-in-1 gauge. Works great to protect the gauge from pulsation. If you have P pumped Cummins and want to install a fuel gauge this is a must.

    Excellent Product 

    Posted by Paul Gartin on 25th Sep 2010

    I bought this for a 1995 (P7100) pump. This worked much better than I could have imagined. I used this snubber, 4 feet of AN braided line (fuel line kit from JEGS), and a gauge kit (from glow shift) that included an electric sending unit. All fuel stayed under the hood and only the electric signal went inside the cab. I was afraid that the snubber would only work with a diaphragm type sending unit, but the electric worked wonderful. I cross checked the readings on my installed gauges to a Miller SPX handheld gauge (used by the dealer to check fuel pressure, but is a temporary hookup) hooked to the P7100 and the readings were within 1 pound. I would highly recommend this snubber to anyone that wants to install a permanent gauge kit in their Cummins Truck.

    Fuel gauge access made easy 

    Posted by Tim and Mary on 18th Sep 2010

    Switched out the snubber when we did the OFV020 overflow valve. The position was a little more difficult to get to with big hands. Ready for the new fuel gauge next week. REMEMBER to tighten that 3/16 plug if you are not installing a gauge at the same time.

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