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Injector Removal Tools

Injector Removal Tools for Cummins Dodge Diesels. 

Cummins Injector Puller Buyers Guide

CIP010  This kit was made specifically for the first generation Cummins 5.9 diesel, which has the small diameter threads on the top of the injector. If you measure the outside diameter of the threads, the dimension will be .472, or slightly less than 1/2". This puller will work on 1989 to 1993 Dodge Cummins engines and most of the older 4BT diesel engines found in agricultural, stationary and delivery truck engines. The 4BT and 6BT Cummins diesel, of this period, use the Bosch VE rotary injection pump.

CIP020  The CIP020 injector removal kit will work on the larger thread diameter injectors, on the Cummins diesel from 1994 to 1998. The Cummins 12 valves from 94 to 98 are commonly known as the second generation. During this time period, Cummins installed the Bosch P7100 inline injection pump (P pump). The dimension of the threads is .551 which is very close to 9/16".

CIP030  We sell a lot of these Cummins injector puller tools to diesel repair and performance shops. The CIP030 is a combination of the CIP010 AND the CIP020 Cummins injector pullers. With the CIP030 tool, you can remove Cummins injectors from 1989 to 1998 for less than 25 bucks.

CIP040  The CIp040 was designed specifically for the 1998.5 to 2002 Cummins ISB 24V.  The 2nd generation, Cummins 24V engine requires a different style of injector puller. In order to pull the injector, you have to remove the connector tube first. The kit contains the injector puller and Cummins tube remover.