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Injection Pump Gear-Removal Tool Instructions for Dodge Cummins CGP020

Instructions for Injection Pump Gear Remover Puller CGP020 - Cummins® VE, P7100, VP44 and CP3

Before using the CVSC020 gear puller, apply grease to the backside of the flange bolt head and oil the threads.

Make certain that you apply equal force on both bolts!

In order to give detailed directions on all four injection pumps, it would require 20 to 30 pages of instructions. Please refer to these links and videos for the proper removal of the injection pump gear.

VE Pump Gear The Bosch VE pump is used on the 1989 to 93 Dodge Cummins 12V 6BTA and many of the 4BTA engines. Please refer to these links for step by step instructions. It is very important that the directions are followed, otherwise you may drop a shaft key into the crank and cam gears or into the oil pan.


You Tube Videos by ihartmacz.

Excellent videos on the replacement of the Bosch VE pump Part 1


Part 2 of a video on replacing the VE injection pump.


P7100 Pump GearThe Bosch P7100 is often called the king of injection pumps. It is used on the Dodge Cummins 12V 6BTA from 1994 to 98, the Cummins 8.3L and many industrial/motorhome engines. This article is a technical service bulletin that details the removal and timing of the pump.


VP44 Pump GearThe VP44 injection pump has been a problem child for Bosch. It was installed on the Cummins ISB 24V from 1998.5 to 2002. Most of these pumps have required a rebuild because of low fuel pressure and delivery from the stock lift pump.



You Tube Videos. These are excellent how to videos by dieseldanmac.

Part 1 of 5



Part 2 of 5



Part 3 of 5


CP3 Pump GearThe Bosch CP3 injection pump is standard on all 5.9 and 6.7 Cummins 24V, common rail diesel engines from 2003 on. Be extra careful when removing the pump gear on the CP3! When the gear puller is installed, there is limited clearance between the puller and the front cover. Make certain that you have equal clearance on both sides of the puller as you tighten each flange bolt.

Return the CVSC020 tool and bolts to the reclosable vinyl bag.