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Details of each Tork Tek Overflow Valve






OFV010  The overflow valve is assembled with a chrome ball, a high tensile spring and a Buna seal. The OFV010 is for use with diesel fuel ONLY. WVO and biodiesel will destroy the seal (over time). Use this valve on a stock Cummins diesel fuel system that has the stock lift pump. Standard replacement for the Cummins 5.9 and 8.3 built with a P7100 injection pump. (stock Cummins lift pump, stock to modified Bosch P7100 pump and Cummins filter) The OFV010 is not to be used with the FASS or Air Dog pumps.

OFV020 This overflow valve is built with premium components to withstand WVO and biodiesel. We use a hardened stainless steel ball, a stainless steel spring and Viton seal. Use the OFV020 with WVO and biodiesel or with regular diesel fuel. Some customers will install the OFV020 if they anticipate using non standard diesel fuel in the future. The valve is sized for a stock fuel system. (stock Cummins lift pump, stock to modified P pump and Cummins filter) This valve will fit the Cummins 6BTA and 8.3CTA. The 8.3CTA is often used in commercial vehicles and motorhomes. The OFV020 is not to be used with the FASS or Air Dog pumps.




OFV030 The 030 was designed with a larger inlet hole to handle the increased fuel flow of using a boost pump feeding the stock lift pump. Use of a small boost pump, like the Carter Super Street, will increase fuel flow by about .25 GPM through the system. As fuel flow increases, pressure spikes will increase, if the valve is not resized. The 030 features a calibrated inlet hole that is larger to reduce pressure spikes. The internal parts are stainless and the Viton seal will withstand the harshness of WVO and biodiesel. Yes, this valve will work with regular diesel fuel.  Please note. Do not use the OFV030 with an Air Dog or FASS pump. The larger hole size will bypass too much fuel back to tank. Your fuel pressure will drop to as low as 15 PSI during WOT. (full power)

The OFV030 has been discontinued. We revised the inlet orifice on the 010 and 020 to handle larger fuel flows which made the 030 redundant. If you use a boost pump to feed your stock lift pump, order the 010 or 020.




 ONLY use with the FASS or Air Dog Pumps

Release date November 2010. Tork Teknology had this valve in the testing stage throughout the summer of 2010. We had several prototype kits out in the field being tested. What we found was very consistent on performance P pump trucks with electric fuel pumps. The fuel pressure drops to as low as 17 PSI during full throttle runs.

The cause of the low fuel pressure is the inlet hole size (Tork and Bosch both), which bypasses anywhere from 35 to 69% of the fuel back back to tank. The 040HP, 050HP, 060HP and 070HP valves will have different size outlet holes to match the fuel system mods and pressures desired. The valve will not have a seat, spring and ball as they are totally unnecessary. You simply turn your ignition key on for 2 seconds and start the engine. In all our tests, pressure rose to 30 PSI in less than 2 seconds. These valves will be in the 35 to 55 PSI range.  

OFV040HPThis valve is for lightly modified fuel systems that use the FASS or Air Dog fuel pump. Fuel pressure will be in the 30 to 37 PSI range.

OFV050HP Use the OFV050HP with moderately modified engines. Fuel pressure will be in the 37 to 45 PSI range.

OFV060HP This valve is for highly modified, maximum street performance Cummins engines. Fuel pressure will be in the range of 43 to 50 PSI.

OFV075HP The 075HP is for racing ONLY, whether your Cummins 12V is a sled puller or drag racer. Depending on the pump you use and the modifications made to your P7100 injection pump, you will see fuel pressure in the 50 to 55 PSI range.




OFV080 This valve will be for the 1998.5 to 2002  24 valve ISB engine. The valve mounts on the side of the Bosch VP44 injection pump. The small air bleed hole will be revised to make starting easier. The OFV070 is in development and will be adjustable in the 13 to 23 PSI range.

* All overflow valve kits contain two banjo seals and detailed instructions *

I am writing a four page article on the myths of the the 94 to 98 Cummins fuel system. We have run hundreds of tests using very precise flow meters and pressure gauges. What we found contradicts many of the myths being circulated today. This article will not be done until we finish testing with the Air Dog fuel system. If you would like to read this very informative article, sign up for the news letter on this site. When the article is finished, we will email it to you.

Tork Teknology article number one, on the Cummins fuel system and lift pump is done! Feel free to share the link with your diesel friends. We made hundreds of tests on the P7100 fuel system and the information is available to you, for free!


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