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Installation Instruction Sheets

Installation Instruction Sheets

The copyrighted information below can only be used for non commercial uses. If you use these instruction sheets for commercial and/or competetive uses, we will prosecute for copyright violations.


How to install the Tork Tek Adjustable Overflow Valve and troubleshooting guide. View the instructions.

The Tork Tek HP overflow valves were developed for the Cummins P7100 injection pump that is fed by an electric fuel such as AirDog or FASS. The HP will increase your fuel pressure at full power. Installation takes less than five minutes. Seriously!!

The CBS010 was our first product we developed because it was necessary to control the pressure spikes of the Cummins fuel system. Without the snubber, we could not get accurate pressure readings. View the installation instructions.

If you want to monitor your fuel pressure on a newer diesel truck, use the 12MM BBS010 banjo bolt snubber. Installation is very easy.




Instructions for the CIP010CIP020 and CIP030 Cummins Injector Puller Kits.

The CIP040 Cummins Injector Puller is for the 1998.5 to 2002 diesel engine. Detailed instructions are available here.

The CGP010 Cummins Injection Pump Gear Remover is our latest tool. You can click on the video links and view the step by step process to remove and install the various pumps.

The CP3 injection pump requires a special tool to remove the pump gear. The CGP020 features a deeper step to prevent damaging the sheet metal front cover. The instructions have tech articles and videos on pump gear removal.

The CVSC010 valve spring compressor, for the Cummins 24V, is the best on the market today. It features tapered sockets for easy keeper manipulation and removal. User manual.

The CVSC020 was the FIRST tool designed specifically for the Cummins 12V. This valve spring compressor will save you time because you can compress both valves at the same time. View the users manual here.