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Instructions for 24V Spring Compressor by Cummins - CVSC010

Instructions for  24V Spring Compressor by Cummins - CVSC010


Disconnect the battery negative cables. I suggest that you perform this procedure on a cold engine so you can adjust the valve lash at the same time as the spring or injector change. Using compressed air, blow off all debris on the valve cover, intake manifold cover and the high pressure injector lines and nuts. Wear safety glasses.

Remove the cylinder head valve cover. Save the gasket for reuse.

Remove the injection pump gear access cover (VP44), which is located on the gear housing cover. The procedure for the common rail will be different. Rotate the engine (clockwise-viewed from front of engine) with a barring tool until the timing mark, on the gear, is vertical. In this position, the valve springs on #1 and #6 can be changed. The push rods and rockers should be loose on these two cylinders.

Mark and remove rocker arms and pedestals as a set. (cylinders #1 and #6 only) I like to place the assembly, along with the valve bridges (cross heads), on a clean cloth on the bench. Save yourself some grief and wrap a clean shop rag around the push rods. This will prevent dropping a keeper onto the cam or into the oil pan.

Loosen and move the high pressure injection lines to gain access to the connector tubes. You may have to remove the intake manifold air heater and rear lifting bracket. Using the connector tube remover (found in the CIP040 tool kit), remove all 6 tubes. Remove the injector clamps, and both bolts, with a 8mm socket. Pull the injectors using the Cummins Injector Puller tool (CIP040) on cylinders 1 and 6. Using a pencil or an Allen wrench, in the injector hole, verify that the piston is at TDC. If it isn't, find out why! The piston MUST be at TDC or you can drop a valve into the cylinder when you remove the valve keepers. When you are compressing the valve springs, the piston top prevents the valves from falling into the cylinder.

Install the CVSC010 valve spring compressor bridge using the supplied bolts. The radius notches go towards the intake manifold side. The bridge and compressor plate will only go on one way. Install the compressor plate according to the engraved legend on the top. Place the washer on the plate DRY. Lightly grease the face of the flange nut and oil the threads of the center bolt. Install and compress the valve springs using a 18mm deep socket. The keepers can now be removed using a magnetic tipped pencil. Do not rotate engine until the valve springs, retainers and keepers are installed. Here's a TORK TIP that works great. Put a dab of sticky grease on the inside of the keepers. The grease holds the keepers in place while you retract the compressor tool.

Assembly is in reverse order. Refer to a shop manual for the proper torque values of all fasteners and injector nuts. This would be a great time to adjust the valve lash or make a performance injector change.

Now you can rotate engine, in normal operating direction (clockwise), 1/3 turn. Some mechanics will place an Allen wrench thru the injector hole to verify the piston is at TDC. Be very careful not to bind the wrench in the bore as you rotate the engine. I prefer to use this method, during the last few degrees of rotation, to prevent binding the wrench. Cylinders #2 and #5 can now be serviced. The push rods should be loose at this point. Make certain that the piston is at TDC before removing valve keepers. Reassemble before proceeding onto the next step.

Rotate engine 1/3 turn and cylinders #3 and #4 can be serviced.

Before starting engine, bleed air from high pressure lines (VP44 fuel system).


Save the CVSC010 tool and instructions in the reclosable bag when project is done.

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