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Tork Tek and Tork Tools Instruction Links

Instructions for Tork Injector Removal Tools CIP010 - CIP020 - CIP030

Instructions for Injection Pump Gear Remover Puller CGP020 - Cummins® VE, P7100, VP44 and CP3

Installation Instruction Sheets

Installation Instructions for the Banjo Bolt Snubber BBS010

Installation instructions for Tork Tek HP Overflow-Valves

Installation Instructions for the Tork Tek Adjustable Overflow Valve

Instructions for Cummins Banjo Snubber CBS010

Instructions for Cummins Injector Puller CIP040

Instructions for 24V Spring Compressor by Cummins - CVSC010

Instructions for Cummins Gear Puller CGP010

Instructions for the Cummins 12V-Spring Compressor CVSC020

Technical Article # 1 - Cummins Lift Pump

Technical Article # 2 The Diesel Fuel System & Inlet Line

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