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Instructions for Cummins Injector Puller CIP040

Instructions for Cummins Injector Puller CIP040


Disconnect the battery negative cables. Using compressed air, blow off all debris on the valve cover, intake manifold cover and the high pressure injector lines and nuts. Wear safety glasses. Spray a rust penetrant onto the injector line nuts which are located on the cylinder head. Kroil by Kano labs and PB Blaster are excellent penetrants.

Remove the rear lifting bracket. This will make it easier to remove the valve cover and gain access to #5 connector tube. Remove the cylinder head valve cover. Save the gasket for reuse.

Loosen and remove the two hose clamps on the air inlet housing (air horn). Loosen the clamp on the intercooler and swing the intercooler pipe out of the way. Remove the fasteners on the air horn and gently remove the air horn. You are trying to save the gasket for reuse.

Disconnect the heater grid wires and remove the heater grid. Place a clean shop rag into the opening.

Break loose all the injector line nuts at the cylinder head. Loosen and move the high pressure injection lines to gain access to the connector tubes. Do not bend the lines. Some mechanics will remove one line at a time while others remove all the high pressure lines as a set. Using the connector tube remover (found in the CIP040 tool kit), remove all 6 tubes. Some guys prefer to retract the tubes by 1/2” and leave them in the head. Remove the injector clamp bolt on the exhaust manifold side, with a 8mm socket. It's not necessary to remove the slotted bolt. Remove the injector clamp.

It is not necessary to remove the rocker arms or pedestals. Assemble the CIP040 injector puller onto the injector. Using the 4MM Allen wrench, screw the hardened set screw, finger tight, into the injector. Slide the tube and washer onto the injector. Lightly grease the flange nut and install. Using a 13MM deep socket, pull the injector.

Assembly is in reverse order. When installing new injectors, please follow these guidelines. Make sure the copper injector washer was removed when you pulled the injector. A dab of grease will hold the new washer onto the new injector. Oil the o ring and install the injector making sure the port faces the connector tube. This is a trick that I use to seat the injector. I loosen the slotted bolt about two turns and install the injector clamp. Now, press on the opposite end of the injector clamp and the injector slides into place. On some injectors, that are difficult to install, use a 1/4” punch in the clamp mounting hole as a pry bar.

If you prefer a detailed injector installation guide, mopar1973man published an excellent article. You can Google 2nd generation dodge cummins – injectors.

Refer to a shop manual for the proper torque values of all fasteners. The injector clamp bolts are torqued to 8 ft/lbs or 96 in/lbs. The high pressure line nuts must be torqued to 28 ft/lbs. Cummins states that this is a critical torque value.

Before starting engine, bleed air from high pressure lines (VP44 fuel system), using this excellent write up by mopar1973man. Google 2nd generation dodge cummins – reprime the fuel system.

Save the CIP040 tool and instructions in the reclosable bag when your project is done.